The FA Cup Final was a beautiful scene

The 2021 FA Cup final was a fantastic football match, but it is the outstanding partnership between Leicester City’s players and their owner that has captured the world’s attention. It is a unique moment that is rarely seen in modern-day football. Also, it proves that the team with great chemistry will add silverware into the club’s trophy cabinet.

Leicester City has mutual respect between the owner and the team. It had formed into something that we never see before. Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, a young and energetic owner, joins the manager and players on the pitch to celebrate. Just like Alex Ferguson ever said, to achieve success, you need everyone pointing in the right direction. Leicester City got everyone from a man, woman, and child pointing in the same direction.

The Leicester City goalkeeper, Kasper Schmeichel, said in an interview that the club’s distinguishing feature is the owner’s strong and intimate association with the players, manager, and entire team. Everyone at the club has had a great time on and off the field as a result of the incredible bond. The relationship factor might sound simple, but the great chemistry has made most of the job done. A similar concern also came from Jamie Vardy; when Arsenal offered a better career and lucrative paycheck, he refused and said that Leichester City is the only team that wants him when he struggles in non-league competition. He cannot think to leave them.

Many supporters, especially those of Manchester United and Arsenal, are envious of the shared love that all Leichester City elements have for their owner. The two clubs have had a tumultuous relationship with their respective owners. When Glazer’s family accused of being greedy and selfish, Kroenke did the same in Arsenal, if not worse. The fact that the Gunners haven’t won a domestic crown or a European trophy in nearly two decades is evidence enough. The Arsenal board of directors is only concerned with business. They forced Arsene Wenger to sell all of his main players per season while he was still in charge, leaving him with only a young player who came at a low cost.

Unlike Glazer or Kroenke, the Srivaddhanaprabha family has an excellent vision in football. They know what they were doing. Just take a look at the Leichester City line up which took to the field against Chelsea at Wembley, for all eleven players in the field only cost them £163.54million, far more humble than Chelsea, who spent £206million to sign Havertz, Werner, Chilwell, Ziyech, Mendy. In the future, a business person who willing to invest in football club should first understand the game’s complexities before actually buying it. A takeover football club without a good knowledge of the game would not only be disastrous for business, but it will also ruin the game.



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