The European Super League (ESL)

“The founder of ESL never plan to played on this league. This is the league that create only to push UEFA to provide greater profit share to big clubs to survive from Covid19 pandemic criciss.”

In the last three days, world football has been turned upside down following European Super League (ESL) establishment news. AC Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur have been announced as the founding clubs in the new European Super League along side with three clubs that will join ahead of the inaugural season. American bank JP Morgan is heading up the financial backing of the project. Based on the ESL official statement, the winner could be due close to 400 million euros, compared to the 120 million euros given out to the Champions League winners each year.

However, this is a project that be made to be failed. Since the beginning, all the founders of ESL never keen to play in this new league. The clubs represented by their owners and club leaders only plan to push UEFA and FIFA to pour more money into the big club. The Covid19 pandemic has created a systemic crisis for many high-profile clubs in European football, such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus. They need more part of the profit to save their existence.

Responding to the ESL plan, UEFA releases a strong-worded statement which stated UEFA and FIFA would remain united in the efforts to stop the project, accusing the ESL has been founded on cynicism and self-interest. UEFA and FIFA will consider all measures available to stop the project before getting off the ground. Furthermore, any club involved in this project would be banned from competing in UEFA or FIFA’s competitions at a domestic, European, or global level. The players who represent those clubs would be banned from playing for their national teams. UEFA closed the statement by thanking France and Germany clubs for not taking part in this project.

The success of this project had seen when UEFA reportedly offered the Premier League clubs who signed up for the Super League’ significant’ money to withdraw from the breakaway competition. However, UEFA was not offered the money to the Spanish trio of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid are seen as the ‘main enemy’ of UEFA. The ESL was also successful in pushing UEFA to raise the money prize for the champion league winners and change the format of the Champion League that enables the team to get more money from it. Using ESL as a strategy is a massive success, despite the negative news surrounding the plan.

The pundits and British press covered this project very intensely and made supporters worldwide worried that their lovely team would be doom. However, the fact showed that is not the case. European football has a different culture from American football. Without a mid-table team or even a relegation fight, the competition will not attract supporters as football nowadays does. The owners of 12 clubs know this, but they still need to blow UEFA to make sure the big clubs have more significant interest since most income from the champions league comes from them. (HM)